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July 18, 2021

The Impact of Radio Ministry

Andrea’s road wasn’t easy. As a young girl, she suffered from a nervous breakdown. Schizophrenia, paranoia – the downward spiral plagued her into middle age. Finally, she reached a point of desperation.  “I needed someone to help me,” she says. “I needed Jesus Christ.”

Then the Lord met Andrea at her point of need through a Lutheran Hour broadcast. She called the LHM Response Center toll-free, spoke to a caring listener, and was sent a CD of inspirational music. The Christ centered message calmed her fears – and became a Gospel seed in her life. Soon the darkness cleared, and Andrea became a Christian.

The love of Jesus Christ penetrated Andrea’s life, and she’s forever grateful.  “He didn’t cast me out,” she tells us. LHM was “my first inspiration to a new life in Christ.”  Who is your Andrea?

Your financial support to sponsor a broadcast is not a mere dollar figure. It is a tangible way for you to reach out to the Andreas in your life – and in the lives of others. Thank you for your prayers and support so hurting hearts can receive Christ’s comfort.

Thank you for supporting the KDUZ Radio Lutheran Hour broadcasts with your gifts and your prayers.  We have been blessed with sponsors through December. Please call to verify available dates to sponsor a broadcast in honor of a birthday / anniversary or to remember a family member or friend as a memorial. The current cost for each broadcast is $94.00. Your check should be made out to “KDUZ Lutheran Hour Broadcast”.

Mailing Address
KDUZ Radio Lutheran Hour Supporters
c/o First Lutheran Church
925 13th Street East
Glencoe, MN  55336

Sponsorship Contact
Rich Streufert
(320) 864-6884

God’s Word provides the light we need. Psalm 119:105

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