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Where does one go to hide from God? Dr. Michael Zeigler says the book of Jonah is about God, on a mission to get through to you. Rev. Zeigler delivers a sermon titled “One Greater Than Mrs. McCallister” or wherever you listen to podcasts!

April 18, 2021

Thank you for supporting the KDUZ Radio Lutheran Hour broadcasts with your gifts and your prayers. We have been blessed with sponsors through May of 2021. Call to verify available dates for sponsoring a broadcast in June or July. The current cost for each broadcast is $94.00. Your check should be made out to “KDUZ Lutheran Hour Broadcast”.

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KDUZ Radio Lutheran Hour Supporters
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Sponsorship Contact
Rich Streufert
(320) 864-6884

With Men increasingly absent from their congregations and the number of empty seats growing, the call is going out across the church for the kind of leadership that will bring them back and motivate them to new levels of discipleship. Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Men’s Network is designed to respond to the call: it is a Christ-centered, Scripture-guided, ministry-building place that will give you low- or no-cost, guy-friendly resources with just a couple of clicks. Go to Men’s Network (

The Men’s Network users have shaped the website from the very beginning. As new Bible studies are added and content is tweaked and sharpened to make the website the best it can be, it’s always done with the end user in mind.

God’s Word provides the light we need. Psalm 119:105