COVID-19 PANDEMIC INFORMATION: Read our post “Safely Resuming Worship” which includes Pastor Ruckman’s latest letter and lists the health protocols that are being implemented for public worship. Masks are required and are available at the door. Please take a look at this interesting picture, “No Masks, One Mask, Two Masks”.

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HOLY COMMUNION:  We are often asked if visitors may receive the Lord’s Supper at our Church.  Since the church feels a Scripturally-founded stewardship responsibility regarding the Lord’s Supper, it sets the following guidelines: the communicant must have been baptized; there is admission of one’s sins and sorrow over them; there is a desire for the acceptance of God’s forgiveness; there is a thirst for being in unity with Christ and with one’s fellow Christians; and there is forgiving and seeking reconciliation with anyone who has wronged me.

In this Sacrament we take the Lord’s Words, “This is My Body” and “This is My Blood”, to mean what they say; that the Risen and Glorified Christ is present to us, here and now, in the elements of bread and wine.  This is to say that we do not simply memorialize the Last Supper.  Rather, we hold that the whole Gospel is embodied in this Sacrament, bringing to us and assuring us of God’s forgiveness and fellowship with Him and with one another, even as we eat and drink.

“According to our Synod’s understanding of altar and pulpit fellowship we welcome fellow Missouri Synod Lutherans to receive the Lord’s Supper with us.  We ask that others speak to the pastor, an elder, or an usher before communing.”  If you are in accord with these guidelines and share the confession of faith stated above, we welcome you to the Lord’s Table to receive the blessings He offers there.

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